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National Paints has a long history of developing and manufacturing high quality, cost efficient and environmentally compliant products and services.

National Aluminium Paint - 1L

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A heat resistant modified silicon based aluminium paint for atmospheric exposure conditions, having good weather resistance. It has good flow and leveling and has heat resistance up to 600°C. It should preferably be applied by spray to get the best results. An initial minimum temperature of 200°C is required to initiate the cure of the film.
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National Graffio Decor is recommended for a special grooved graffio finish interior/exterior decorative applications. Over coating with Nationalthane, National Acrylic Rock Topcoats, National Gloss Emulsion etc. will reduce dust collection and improve durability. It is suitable for the application on concrete, plaster gypsum, asbestos, brickwork, wood etc.

National Minitex Paint - 4L

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National Minitex is used as a light textured decorative coating for interior/exterior surfaces like concrete, plaster, prefabs, gypsum board, asbestos, brick work, masonry work etc. It is also suitable for the application on wooden surfaces. It is Low VOC, Eco Friendly, Anti-Bacterial & Fungal, Water Resistant, Easy to Apply.
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