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Make your life vibrant and colorful with National Paints. Choose from a range of colors and products for your home. National Paints is a leading manufacturer of decorative and industrial coatings, known for their commitment towards quality and durability. Choose from their selection of Plastic Emulsion paints, Enamel paints, and thinners to suit your unique project's needs. 

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National Polydex Paint

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National Polydex is recommended as a water proofing protective coating on cementitious surfaces, mosaic tiles, metal roofs, wooden roofs, domes etc. of interior or exterior applications. It can be applied on slightly wet or moist areas also. For better protection, if required, can be reinforced with National Fiber glass mesh, while the intermediate coat is wet. It can hide the hairline cracks on surfaces and reduce the impact of harsh atmospheric conditions. 

National PVA Primer White

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Its a general – purpose primer for cementitious surface. It can be used as a primer to hide the substrate surface and provide an opaque matt finish. It is used for interior/exterior applications on concrete, plaster, bricks, asbestos, gypsum etc. as a masonry primer. It can be used for sealing the chalky surfaces like gypsum board and putty. 

National Red Oxide Primer

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It is recommended for steel structures and surfaces in domestic and mild corrosive environments. It is not suitable for constant water immersion or over coating of zinc primed steel. It has very good hiding power and can hide minor surface imperfections or stains on surfaces. It is used for, only air drying purpose. It can be over coated with National Alkyd based paints. 

National Rust Remover

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National Rust Remover/Converter is recommended for removing deep and hard rusts or rust stains from the iron/steel surfaces, before painting. It promotes the adhesion and durability of primer and further coats. If the rusts on the surface is not severe or hard, it can be applied with 1:1 dilution with water. It is recommend for iron/steel surfaces. Never keep the material in metal cans. 

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It is used as a ready mixed plaster or to cover any holes, cracks, surface imperfections etc. on the concrete. It is mostly used for leveling the walls made with hollow concrete blocks. At normal conditions, it is necessary to have the primer coat on the surface and gives excellent bond to the concrete substrates. It can be used up to 5 mm thickness per coat to fill the voids or to level the surface imperfections. Always recommended as an under coat plaster. 

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National Spray Plaster Medium is recommended for internal applications to infill the surface imperfections and voids or to render large sections of concrete, brickwork or masonry by spray application. It can be applied as a base coat on location ground floor, basement or any upper deck of car park concrete walls and ceilings. It can be used up to 5mm thickness per coat to fill the voids or to level the surface imperfections. Always recommended as an under coat plaster. 

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