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Pattex 100% Glue and Gel is ideal for various uses in the home, office and outdoors.

It is the most performant and resistant glue existing on the market. Whether users need to build a new project or repair something at home, this glue is suitable for all materials and is strong under any condition. Checked by TÜV, the leading European certification institute.

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Fast drying, toluene free, clear contact adhesive with PU(Polyurethane) based formula

Free of harmful substances & the bond leaves no traces of glue

Works best on both clear surfaces or colored materials

Suitable for a large variety of materials

High initial & final strength with high temperature resistance (-40˚C to +110˚C)

Application areas: 




Most resin laminates


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The double sided Pattex tape is sturdy and durable, becoming an effective mounting side with simplicity.

The mounting tape roll is perfect for use indoors.

The tape has a strong adhesive and can withstand 80 kg of weight.

You can easily stick Pattex tape to any porous or no porous surface

Eliminates the use of nails on walls or struggling with loose hangers

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For indoor and outdoor use, High initial tack (50 kg/sq.mtrs)

For all materials and substrates, Weather- and ageing-resistant

Solvent- and isocyanate-free, Over-paintable and sandable

Neutral odour, Low shrinkage

Basis: Silane-curing FlexTec polymer

Coverage: Approx. 300 g/

Final Bond Strength: 1 to 2 N/

Gap Bridging Capacity: 10mm

Pattex Premium Contact Adhesive - 650ml

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Premium quality, high tack, toluene free, one part polychloroprene multipurpose contact adhesive

Ideal for bonding a wide variety of materials e.g. wood, aluminum, laminates, leather (shoe, bags, etc), rubber, cork, foams, PVC, etc.

Permanent elasticity

Chemical resistant

Heat and water resistant

High bonding strength

Toluene Free

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  • High mildew resistance by unique triple protection system
  • Ideal for sealing of joints in bathtubs, wash basins, shower cabins, kitchens & aluminum profiles.
  • Low modulus, easy to extrude
  • 12.5 percent movement capability
  • Smooth and glossy appearance which complements glazed sanitary ware and ceramic tiles
  • Excellent UV, weather and ageing resistance, waterproof
  • Primerless adhesion to glass, ceramics, glazed surfaces and anodized aluminium
  • Good resistance against conventional cleaning products and a lot of chemicals
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