Powerful Motor - Featuring a powerful 2000 W motor, TOTAL HEAT GUN is capable of reaching maximum temperature (550 C) in seconds. The Japanese Mabuchi Motor offer better resistance to higher temperature and has a longer life.

High and Low Setting - Equipped with a durable switch that allows easy switch between Low, High and Cool down mode. Offering variable temperatures of 380 and 550C at 300 and 500 L/min respectively.

Overheat Protection - Features an auto shutoff when the internal temperature rises to high for overheating protection. With a ceramic heat core and nylon housing, TOTAL HEAT GUN can withstand high temperatures for longer and can dissipate heat quickly in 1 minute in the cool down mode.

Built in Stand - Stable stands are placed at the back of the TOTAL HEAT GUN allowing the machine to be placed horizontally on a flat surface. It frees both hands for easier operation and allows faster cooling down.

5 Accessories Included - Comes with 4 nozzles and a scraper, giving the user multiple methods to tackle any heat job.

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