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With ARALDITE® adhesive, you can fix pretty much anything – and you can fix it fast. It bonds everything from metal, wood and masonry, to ceramics, glass and most plastics. It’s water resistant, too, so works indoors or out.

But best of all, it’s strong, and it lasts long.

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Excellent adhesion to many different materials.

Great strength toughness and resilience.

Excellent resistance to chemicals attack and to moisture.

Outstanding electrical insulation properties.

Absence of volatiles on curing.

Negligible shrinkage.

Other epoxy resin for bonding, casting, tooling, pattern making, surface coating, lamination and concrete repairs are available.

Araldite Epoxy Adhesive 5 Min Rapid

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The super-strong, gap filling epoxy adhesive for household, workshop, industry, repairs.

Waterproof and chemical resistant.

Bond most materials to themselves or to one another, especially metal, glass, wood, ceramic, concrete, rigid plastic.

Cures fast at room temperature (18-24°C) Enables rapid but durable assembly and repair works.

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